Safe Uploading and Downloading Business Files

Published in 17 de outubro de 2023 by

Safe uploading and downloading business files

It’s crucial that your file sharing system is able to defend you from malicious attacks when sharing massive quantities of data. Malware is often disguised as a harmless file that has a harmless extension like.jpeg,.gif or.bmp. This tactic allows hackers to bypass security measures and replace a legitimate file with one that appears identical but contains malicious code. A good way to guard against these kinds of “undercover invasions” is to have an application that can verify the content of uploaded files based on the extensions they have.

You can configure your upload system to ensure it scrutinizes the name of the file type and/or extensions to determine whether they are compatible with a harmful extension. This should be done in conjunction with a variety of other security measures. No one technique is sufficient to secure your service therefore a defense-in depth approach is recommended.

In addition to confirming file names and extensions, your uploader should also examine the content of the files while they’re being uploaded. This will keep fraudulent or false documents from being uploaded and shared. This is particularly important for sensitive files, which may contain copyrighted or personal data.

For instance, Mitchell needs feedback from his business partners on the marketing campaign. He uploads the campaign’s documents to SimplePractice and then shares the documents with his business partners via a link. The documents can be viewed on their smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. They can edit the document in real time and monitor changes that are synchronized.

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