How to Access the Dark Web Safely and Securely

Published in 17 de outubro de 2023 by

Although it is not as illicit or shady as it’s often depicted as, accessing the dark internet is risky. You should take certain precautions to protect yourself. Like the ocean, it’s a space that encourages exploration, but it also requires attention and caution. And with the right digital lifejacket, you can venture into this vast ocean layer in a safe and secure manner.

First, you’ll require a special browser that will enable you to navigate this hidden area of the internet. There are alternatives, Tor is probably the most well-known and popular. It’s similar to the standard web browser, however, it uses layers of encryption that prevent your browsing activity being tracked back to the user. You’ll need an internet search engine that can discover sites on the dark internet. DuckDuckGo does not keep track of search activity and is specialized in finding websites that are dark, is a popular option.

Then, you must use the VPN to secure your Internet connection. This will obscure your IP address as well as erase any metadata that could be tied back to you, thus protecting you from snoopers while you’re surfing the dark web. You should make use of an VPN when using Tor to ensure the highest level of security.

You can imagine that there is lots of content available on the Dark Web, but not all of it is legal. You’ll find everything from stolen data to hacker services, illicit images, information and products. Even if you’re not planning to purchase anything, going down the wrong path could land you in hot legal trouble.