Harvard Business Podcasts

Published in 17 de outubro de 2023 by

Harvard business podcasts provide insights that can help you move your career to the next level. Listen to HBR IdeaCast where they interview managers and www.dataroomhub.info/post-merger-integration-process-steps/ business leaders and mastering scale, where Stanford MBA and serial entrepreneur Reid Hoffman breaks down how companies grow.

Harvard Business Review, founded in 1944 by David Ignatius was a publication that focused on cutting edge management techniques. It was known as the “magazine of decision makers.” In 2015, David Ignatius refocused the magazine’s attention to better connect with its readers and ensure that its research remains relevant. He achieved this by revamping HBR’s podcast program. It now includes conversations with thought-leaders discussing current topics.

The HBR IdeaCast Podcast is a variety of thought leaders from the business and management world. These podcasts are full of ideas for leaders. From Sarah Cooper’s advice on how you can bring laughter into your workplace, to HBR Fellows Bill Kerr & Joe Fuller’s perspectives on the forces that are changing the way we do work.

This biweekly podcast simplifies the case study method by reducing HBR’s most famous cases into a digestible format. Faculty members will discuss the cases they’ve worked on and the lessons they have for your own professional path.