How to Run Efficient and Effective Board Meetings

Published in 27 de setembro de 2023 by

A board must work as a team to achieve its goal, which is to evaluate the performance of the company and provide advice to the CEO, as well as connect the business to the wider community. It is crucial to keep meetings focused and productive. Fun can help foster teamwork and create stronger bonds, but it’s important to also enjoy your board. In this article, we’ll talk about some simple ways to run an efficient and efficient board meeting that ensures your board is making the most of its time and resources.

Minimize Discussions and Reporting

Longer reports can cause delays in meetings on the board and divert attention from more strategic discussions. Encourage officers and committee chairs to only present the most important information and restrict their reports to 25 percent of the meeting. This will allow the majority of the time to be devoted to key decisions and strategic planning.

It is important to clearly communicate how decisions will Be Taken

It is important to communicate your decision-making process clearly during board meetings to ensure that everyone understands what they can do. If you decide to take decisions through consensus, voting or another method, make sure to communicate this to your board members prior to every meeting to let them know how to take part.

Make sure you review your meetings at least once a year

At the end of each meeting ask your board members to write a “+” and the word “-” on the sticky notepad and then leave them by the door so that you can review their comments after the meeting. This will give you an idea of what is working in your board meetings and the areas for improvement.