How to Find the Best Secure Email Providers

Published in 26 de setembro de 2023 by

Email is the most frequent method hackers use to gain access to the company’s information. However, your regular email provider will not do much to protect you from being snooped on. You should think about a secure email service that offers end to end encryption. This will stop others from seeing your messages.

This type of encryption makes sure that your email messages are only visible to you and the person you’re communicating with, and it blocks your service provider from being exposed. Not all email providers that are secure offer the same level of security. It is essential to select a service that has excellent security standards and policies as well as essential features.

Be aware of the privacy policies of the email provider and how they handle your personal information when choosing a secure email service. You’ll be interested to know if it stores your personal data, in the event that it does, where and how long.

If your provider is in the United States, or in another country that is a part of the 14 Eyes surveillance partnership, you should ensure it allows you to save your private keys locally on your PC, rather than deleting them from the server. This gives you an extra layer of protection in the event that your provider is seized by a government.

Proton Mail’s solid security practices and strong cryptography technology make it a popular option for email security. It’s an open-source platform that is backed by privacy friendly Swiss laws. It’s a great option for journalists, activists, and anyone who wants a free, high-quality email service. Also, Tutanota is another reliable option that offers top encryption standards as well as a user-friendly user interface.