AVG VPN Netflix Review

Published in 25 de setembro de 2023 by

AVG Secure VPN is a cost-effective service with a broad array of features at a reasonable cost. It does not keep any activity logs. It uses the OpenVPN protocol to ensure the security of users. The company also offers the option of a 30-day refund.

There isn’t a Preferences option in the main page of the app, like you’ll find on other VPN clients for macOS. You must click on the menu bar, then select Preferences. This can be frustrating. Another strange thing is that it’s not possible to create a custom DNS server in the client, making changing your IP address slightly more complicated.

Netflix is infamous for blocking VPNs even though netflix has streaming servers that are specifically designed to work with Netflix. The provider’s network is also smaller than its competitors, which could cause dormancy and interconnection problems. Additionally, it doesn’t provide split tunneling, so you’ll have to route your entire internet traffic through the VPN.

AVG Secure VPN collects a large amount of information about its clients. This includes email addresses, SIM card numbers, contact information, and location data. This information is used to improve services and safeguard customers, according to AVG Secure VPN. It is also shared with third parties when necessary but only after having your consent.