Avast Antitrack Premium Review

Published in 16 de setembro de 2023 by

Privacy protection software is essential as the modern-day internet user has become a valuable resource for large corporations to learn from and exploit. Avast antitrack premium is a personal privacy tool that stops a variety of tracking without breaking web pages or sending annoying alerts. It uses your digital fingerprint as a shield to block advertisers from knowing you and clears data quickly as you close the counter. It also detects phishing websites and protects your House Windows account security passwords and other sensitive information stored on your computer against ransomware attacks.

Avast Antitrack Premium has a malware-engine that has scored 100% in my tests. It also has several other security tools, such as a VPN and a security advisor that adjusts your privacy settings on social media platforms. It is compact and easy to use which makes it a great option for people looking for advanced protection. The free version provides 30 days of money back guarantee, whereas the premium versions cover 999 devices and offer more flexibility.

Avast’s Driver and Software Updater automatically detects and installs updates to your drivers and programs. It can also identify outdated ones and then prompt you to upgrade. The Smart Scanner of the antivirus is a great tool for scanning your computer quickly and Wi-Fi Inspector will help you find weak points in private and public networks. It is also able to detect devices connected to your home network that shouldn’t exist.